Why you should find office space out of the capital

Real estate in central London has always been at the high end of the pricing scale. The perceived prestige for some of having a central London address is alone enough to convince them to opt for an office crammed into space somewhere within the Congestion Zone. But for some, this is literally what a central office space offers – an address. Many of the big names in sectors such as media will have a small central office they can call upon for high-level meetings, but where their operations really take place is some way out of town.

Look to Kent

Of all the Home Counties, Kent, known as the ‘Garden of England’, is arguably the most idyllic. An office space in Kent not only spares employees, existing clients and potential partners from the hassles of inner London, it also provides typically more space for less investment, and means you don’t have to arrange your IT infrastructure and desk layout like a jigsaw puzzle! Commuting outwards can be far less stressful than elbowing your way into the centre of London, particularly in rush hour on weekdays, so pass on these benefits to your clients and employees.

Sustainability and scalability

An office space should be viewed as a long-term investment which leaves your company room to grow. Within the tight confines of an office in the City, or a floor of a Canary Wharf tower, it is hard to plan ahead and accommodate for a team that has grown far more quickly than you anticipated. After all, most of us want our businesses to grow, but what we don’t want is a team which is split down the middle because of logistical problems that arise after a sudden expansion, leaving your company to have outgrown your office.

Ultimately, moving your office out of London and to the Home Counties is a big step. But once you realise the benefits, it is unlikely you will be pining for a work base in the capital. Contact the team at Kent Space today to discover even more benefits.