Why Startups in Kent Need a Physical Office

Some of the most successful companies began within the confines of a carport or small home office. These are not suitable headquarters for any business but, eventually, you’ll realise that you need more resources and support to bring your startup to the next level.

Although, it is possible for a business to operate without a physical office, the benefits of having one far outweigh operating without one.

If you are still undecided about renting office in Kent, here are the top reasons why you should seriously consider it for your startup.

• Attracting top talents to join your team

The best and brightest candidates don’t just look at compensation and benefits. They also want assurance that a business that will be around for a while and will provide them with opportunities to showcase their skills. With serviced offices in Kent, you can effectively communicate the financial health and stability of your company plus offer a comfortable workspace that supports career progression.

• Giving the right impression to clients and investors

Client interactions over the phone or via the internet are great but they still cannot beat the impact of meeting in an office or boardroom. This is especially true when you’re selling professional services to new clients and investors. Since you only have few referrals and testimonials when starting out, well-organised and designed office space can boost your client’s trust in your brand or services.

• Encouraging connection and teamwork

Thanks to modern technology, you can hold team discussions online and assess member performance without having physical meetings. This is quite convenient but it can also kill the whole team ethos as it limits competitiveness within the workplace.

Most employees log in at their most convenient time when working from home. Physical interactions in an office setting allow members of your team to foster and support each other more. Besides, a controlled work environment can eradicate any distractions that can affect performance.

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