3 ways to get a handle on your office costs

In today’s cost-conscious world, businesses are focusing on their facilities as an area for making efficiencies. However, no business wants to downgrade its accommodation and its brand in the process. So how can you get a handle on your office costs while maintaining the quality of your business premises?

1. Move out of big cities

If you have premises in London or other primary cities and have no real customer-facing need to be there, then weigh up the cost benefits of relocating to a more affordable location. Kent has great office space that is high quality and equally affordable and it is backed up with a great linking transport network, local infrastructure and quality suppliers.

2. Consider flexible working

Today’s workers value flexible working opportunities and the approach also gives businesses a chance to lower accommodation costs by reducing the number of fixed desks. Switch some of your fixed desking to flexible hotdesking and introduce a flexibility policy for roles which can be based remotely. See whether you can adjust your space layout to make it more compact and reduce your sq/m lease needs. Your overheads will go down and your staff satisfaction will rise!

3. Reduce waste

Office space may be a fixed overhead, but the costs of running your operation from it needn’t be. Encourage staff to switch off PCs, printers and lights at the end of the day. Invest in motion-sensor lighting and taps in bathrooms. Implement a digital office. Consider too, office equipment such as self-cleaning coffee machines which don’t need the cost of a cleaner or reliable printers that don’t break down and require IT callouts! Encourage teams to come up with solutions for running the business more efficiently. You’ll start to see your variable cost base come down and your sustainability credentials will improve.

What other measures are you considering to better manage your office costs this year?