How to impress for less

In business today it is all about the bottom line, ROI (return on investment) and survival of the fittest. There is no question that there has ever been a more competitive business environment and so it is even more critical that you seize each and every opportunity to impress potential clients and customers. Unfortunately, this can produce a bit of a paradoxical situation where it can potentially cost you a lot of money trying to create the right impression, thus putting your business under unwelcome financial pressure. When cash flow is so critical to the success of a business, you also need to do everything you possibly can to limit your outgoings.

One area in your business where you can successfully achieve both objectives is with your office and the staff you would anticipate you would need to employ. Renting what we would refer to as traditional office space will see you immediately committed to heavy legal fees concerning the lease, a long-term lease agreement, outgoings to include rates cleaning, insurance, etcetera, and wages for a receptionist to either meet potential customers or of greater importance, answer the phone professionally and promptly. In realistic terms, you can kiss goodbye to £30,000 per annum and, shortly afterwards, your business.

So how would it affect your business if you were to rent an office in Ashford, Kent? If you stop and consider the question carefully, for many the answer would be negligible. In return, you can have your own office on a monthly rolling contract, and you can tailor your package to include the services of a receptionist, mail collection or mail forwarding and the use of a conference/meeting room. And the cost per annum for all this? Even thinking optimistically, here at Kent Space we’re pretty certain we will more than surprise you, and please you, so why not give us a call?