Moving your office out of London

What’s in an address? For many of us were in business having a London office address seems to be the Holy Grail and without it, we worry that our business might not be taken as seriously. Certainly it is important for any business to have an office unless it is totally Internet-based, and while you may be happy to working any sort of environment, you may well need premises that will impress would-be clients. However, with all the congestion in London and problems with transport, are you really doing your clients a huge favour whenever you arrange to have a meeting with them in your office?

When it comes to making decisions, it shouldn’t so much be whether or not you would like to have an office in Ashford, Kent, but what would you like included with the package? And the cherry on the cake? How about an unbelievably affordable rent with no long-term contract tying you up for two or three years and instead just a simple monthly rolling contract?Just ponder for a moment what life would be like if you took advantage of offices to rent in Ashford, Kent, located in a smart new building where your overheads would be kept to an absolute minimum, yet offering maximum convenience. How does by J10 on the M20 sound for a convenient location? Did we mention that there is ample parking right next your office? How about we include a receptionist? What about being able to hire a separate meeting room or conference room by the hour or half-hour? Would you like to choice of a virtual office or a fully serviced office? Would you like us to collect your mail or have it forwarded on to you?

And as for the last question we will ask, that’s a simple one. Why not give us a call to find out more?