Colour psychology and office design

Many people don’t realise, but the colour of your office can have a significant impact on you and your employees. If you’re investing in a new office space, then take careful consideration when choosing the colour of your space. To help you out, we’ve listed the most popular colours and how they impact upon mood, productivity and motivation.

1. Blue

If you Google, “what is the most productive colour?”, blue will most likely be the result. Blue is not only said to enhance productivity but help workers focus on the job at hand by creating a calm and stable environment.

2. Yellow

Yellow is said to be an emotion-based colour and stimulates your ego and spirits, making you more optimistic. Yellow would, therefore, be good in an environment where innovation and creativity are needed, such as a design agency.

3. Red

The colour red is associated with physical activity because it stimulates you physically. Red has been shown to increase your heart rate and blood flow and also can invoke passion and emotion. If you have something within an office that you want to attract attention to, then painting it red is a good idea.

4. Green

If you’re in a work environment that requires you to have a strong sense of balance, then green may be the ideal colour for your office. It doesn’t cause fatigue on your eyes and helps you remain calm yet efficient. This colour is perfect for an environment where long working hours are required.

To choose the perfect colour you need to consider the employees who will be using the space and the activities they’ll be undertaking. While there is a great deal to consider when it comes to the colour psychology within an office, you also have a great opportunity to express your company brand and culture, so consider carefully and choose what’s best for your team!

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