3 tips to help build a creative office environment

Working in a creative office space can not only help boost the levels of productivity among your employees, but it can help you ensure you’re using all the space your office provides.

At Kent Space, we think it’s time we share some creative office design tips to help your office space come to life!

1. Stay away from walls

Walls can become barriers between departments, which can induce the silo mentality – and you don’t want that. A stylish and fun alternative to walls can be decorative room separators, so we don’t mean those blue foamy 1970s office design styles, we mean something stylish and colourful, something that exudes ‘creative’.

These aren’t necessarily ideal if you’re taking a conference call or having a private one to one meeting with your employees, but it’s definitely a great addition to those creative brainstorm meetings or internal team meetings. And to keep your office free-flowing and open plan, you can just fold it down after use!

2. Bring the outside inside

Introducing plants and flowers into the working environment can boost the productivity and the happiness of your employees. In a study carried out by Exeter University, a plant was placed every square metre in the office, making sure that every one of the employees could see a plant from their desk. The results? Employee performance on memory retention and other basic tests improved substantially.

So maybe you could think about introducing plants and other elements into your offices to help create a nicer office atmosphere?

3. Create a space to relax

If your office is void of a relaxation or break out area, you’re not encouraging your employees to rest fully on their lunches and breaks. If your employees are working at a desk in front of a computer for the majority of the day, they can get tired easily, so it’s important you encourage little and often breaks away from the screen.

Encouraging these breaks in a creative space can get them re-energised and ready to face the next portion of the day. They’ll be more alert, productive and happier – it’s a win-win for you!

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