Include plants in your new office

We can’t even reach a compromise by having a receptionist called Flora or Lily, though one day we might. However, what we do know is that whatever the Guardian says, can definitely help to make you more productive. How?Here at Kent Space we are always checking out the news to make sure that we can provide exactly what today’s businessman needs when it comes to an office. We can also cater for specific requirements if requested – within reason of course. Should you ask for a pond in which to entertain your pet penguin during office hours we may baulk, but should you like having a plant or two, then perhaps we could arrange something to make your environment as productive as we can. It seems that according to the Guardian newspaper, having a plant in your office can boost productivity. That did take us aback slightly as we are aware of the capabilities of a Venus flytrap, but we haven’t yet come across a plant that can type, answer the phone or collect your mail.

Well having an office would usually be a responsibility and a tie. Not with our offices in Kent Space’s setup here in Ashford and Chatham though, and especially if you are looking for office rental Ashford, Kent. No staff to worry about – we provide the receptionist and offer secretarial services. No worries about having your phone ringing unanswered, we’ve got that covered for you. Need to go out but you’re expecting an important delivery – we’re here to sign for it on your behalf? Concerned about security and confidentiality? Coded door locks and 24-hour security surveillance should put your mind at rest. Fed up with running out of milk, coffee or sugar? Forget that as we provide all that for free as even we need to start our day off with a cup of coffee too!

Whether it is a plant or a receptionist that is more important to you, we’ve got you covered here at Kent space, so if you are looking for serviced offices in Kent, you’ve found the right people. Just give us a call, come in and see us, and check out where you will soon be working from…