3 Tips for Choosing an Office Space for Rent

Signing your first office space lease may be intimidating but that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some simple but sensible tips that will help you make the right call before deciding.

Make an actual list of your office space requirements

Before scouting for available office spaces for rent, write down all the non-negotiable requirements and the required features you are looking for. Invite the whole team for a brainstorming session and ask for their suggestions. Print out an actual document out of this discussion and use it as a criterion when checking out your options.

Put location on the list of top priorities

When evaluating your prospects of office spaces for rent, always take into consideration its location and how it can affect the purpose of your business. If you are going to hold client meetings in your office, choose an office space that is conveniently located in the heart of the city, near different modes of transportation. Ask your team for their preferences in terms of location and discuss how it could affect their commute when coming to and from work.

Long-term versus short-term office space

The typical long-term office space lease in the UK can be a minimum of three years. Are you sure your start-up company are ready for such long-term commitment?

Fortunately, there are now flexible options available for all types and sizes of business. You can now choose from sublet office spaces, shared workspaces or co-working spaces. The beauty about opting for modern office spaces, apart from being more affordable than the standard rent and having no long-term contract, they are also fully furnished with everything you need, such as ergonomic desks and chairs, phones, private meeting rooms, air conditioning, heating, high-speed Internet connection and parking spaces.

Office spaces in Chatham and Ashford

Kent Space offers the best office spaces in Ashford and Chatham that are highly recommended for start-ups, growing businesses, and for companies who need a satellite office in Kent.

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