Top tips for office relocation

Moving offices can be a complicated and demanding task. To take the stress out of it all, we’ve compiled a list of the top tips we think will lead you to a smooth and effortless move. The team here at KentSpace have worked with clients for years delivering a hassle-free office relocation service. So we’ve put our knowledge into this list of top tips we think you simply can’t be without. So if you want to minimise stress, reduce costs and run a smooth office move; then read on!

Ensure you actually can  move

Make sure you check your existing building lease to ensure you’re all clued up on your current obligations and liabilities. It’s in these documents you’ll also find out how much notice you need to give too, so it’s definitely worth digging them out!

Identify your needs and requirements

Before deciding on your perfect location, have a look to see how much space you actually need and your budget per sq ft is. Signing a lease for too much or too little space can cost you your entire business. If needed, bring in a workplace consultant or interior specialist to help plan for the move more accurately. Consider the style as well as the size of the space you have in mind. Also think about the length of the lease required and the facilities you might need, for example, a manned reception desk or ample staff parking.

Always plan and prepare a budget for the move. Consider the remaining cost of your current office space, including any penalties incurred on the lease of your existing office; the rental deposit on the new property; any costs of designing and fit out of the new office space; relocation and recruitment; updating of stationery, furniture and IT and finally, your new office rates, business rates, service charges, maintenance and insurance.


Be realistic in your planned moving date, and then work backwards. Appoint a project manager for the move if needed or create a shared timetable for your move including actions, timetables and those responsible.

Completing the move

Ensure you’ve factored in things like making sure you’ve contacted the local council to make temporary parking arrangements and to clear entrances and areas during the move. Conduct a comprehensive site inspection and make a plan to test and check all equipment such as phones, computers, and servers.

Finally, enjoy your new office space!