Signs that You’ve Outgrown Your Office Space

Let’s face it. Your office space is your second home. You spend most of your hours and days here that you already formed a bond. However, as your business grow and expand, the office space will feel smaller and eventually, you need to move out and look for a bigger one.

How do you know if it is time to move out? To help you identify whether or not you need to move office spaces, we have listed down the most common signs to know that you have outgrown your office space.

Employee Count is Much Higher than Before

The more people there are in your company, the more space is needed to accommodate them. You have to make sure that every single employee has a comfortable space where they can work. A cramped office space is not conducive for working and may lessen the productivity of the employees.

No Relaxation Space for Employees

Employees need some “me time” during breaks in order to re-energise and refresh themselves from their tasks. If you notice that your employees don’t have enough space to do this, then you know that it is time to find a new office space that can accommodate this need.

Too Cramped in the Conference Room

If you are pulling extra chairs during the meeting or you are squeezing your employees to fit everyone in the room, then this is another sign that you have to move to another office space. Look for an office space that has a bigger conference room and is large enough to hold meetings that are attended by numerous persons.

Complaints from Employees

Complaints don’t have to be directed to you. It can be little comments such as “there’s no space available for the meeting room” or “there is not enough space to work”. All comments related to “space” is a sign that your employees are not happy with the limited space available. You have to take this comments into consideration and see this as a sign that maybe you should start packing and move office.

Lack of Private Space

Every employee needs their own private space in order to be more productive. Some people are not used to hearing clicking keyboards and may get annoyed. This would lead to lower productivity and morale of your employees. If you see that some employees share desk spaces because the space is too limited, then maybe it’s time to change your office space.

Employees prefer “Working from Home”

Sometimes employees won’t make complaints but judging by their actions, you can predict what they are feeling. If you often hear employees making an excuse to work from home because of certain reasons, it may be because they do not enjoy working in a crowded office and working from home can give them more peace and concentration. This is another red flag that you need to switch office spaces.

Not Enough Storage

A pile of untouched paperwork is a sign that you’ve outgrown your office space. Aside from not enough office space, several of these mountains of paper could mean that your business growth is not being addressed adequately and this could harm your business in the long run.

These are some of the signs that you need to watch for in order to determine if you have really outgrown your office space. If you see these, it is the right time to look for a new office space and Kentspace will be able to help you with that. If you’re interested in moving office, Kentspace can help you find the office fit for you! Just Check out our website for more information, or contact the team on 01634 673 307.