Do you really need an office in London

It’s enough to make your eyes water when you look at the rents being charged for office space in London and here we’re not just talking about the hundred and £12×5 per square foot you have to pay for West End prime office space. Believe it or not with a modest office address in Stratford, you still have to pay an average of £36 per square foot. Now before you start thinking that doesn’t seem too bad at all, we’re not talking about a purchase price, we are talking about an annual rental. With even just a small office covering 120 ft.², that’s £4,300 per annum and doesn’t include storage space, room for a receptionist and even a second office. It is not difficult to say goodbye to £15,000 a year in somewhere like Stratford.

The question you have to begin to ask yourself is whether you, and your business can afford such a substantial capital outgoing every year or whether that money could be put to better use, either reinvested in your business or actually allowing you to earn an income that genuinely reflects the amount of effort you put into running it. So what is the alternative?

What we are noticing here at Kent Space is the number of people who are relocating their businesses out of the city as they realise that there is no difference where their clients are concerned whether they have a postal address in London, or nearby in Ashford, Kent or Chatham, Kent. In what is becoming an increasingly money-conscious society, clients realise that if you have a swanky London office address, the fees that they have to pay go towards you being able to afford such an office. Better still, as competition for business these days has never been tougher, what better time to choose to pare down your running costs to make your fees even more attractive to prospective clients?

If you haven’t considered it before office rental in Ashford, Kent or office rental in Chatham, Kent can make a great deal of sense, particularly when a month’s rent costs than the annual rent of a single square foot of London office space. With the additional options of mail forwarding, a mailbox, telephone receptionist and conference room facilities, as well as easy parking and excellent road and rail links, what more could you want for your business?

To find out more of all the benefits of renting office space in Ashford, why not give us a call? It could be the best business decision you have made in ages!