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Colour psychology and office design

Many people don't realise, but the colour of your office can have a significant impact on you and your employees. If you’re investing in a new office space, then take careful consideration when choosing the colour of your space. To help you out, we've listed the most popular colours and how they impact upon mood,…

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What your office says about you

The design of your office can have a huge impact on the productivity of your team, your company culture, and the level of enjoyment your team get each day they spend at work. Below we’ve highlighted some of the key reasons investing in your office space is so important. First impressions Consider what impression your…

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Considerations when moving office space

If you have been contemplating moving office spaces for business purposes, you may need to take a few notions into consideration to make the correct choice. Moving is not easy, therefore decisions shouldn't be made lightly where business is concerned. If you are looking for office space in Kent, there are a few factors to…

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