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How to impress for less

In business today it is all about the bottom line, ROI (return on investment) and survival of the fittest. There is no question that there has ever been a more competitive business environment and so it is even more critical that you seize each and every opportunity to impress potential clients and customers. Unfortunately, this…

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Moving your office out of London

What’s in an address? For many of us were in business having a London office address seems to be the Holy Grail and without it, we worry that our business might not be taken as seriously. Certainly it is important for any business to have an office unless it is totally Internet-based, and while you…

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Do you really need an office in London

It’s enough to make your eyes water when you look at the rents being charged for office space in London and here we’re not just talking about the hundred and £125 per square foot you have to pay for West End prime office space. Believe it or not with a modest office address in Stratford,…

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Serviced offices increase business success

When you think about it, the lower your outgoings at the beginning of a new business venture, the less pressure you put on the business to become profitable in the first few weeks. However, assessing where cost cutting can take place is not always obvious unless you have already experienced being in business. What we…

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Include plants in your new office

We can’t even reach a compromise by having a receptionist called Flora or Lily, though one day we might. However, what we do know is that whatever the Guardian says, can definitely help to make you more productive. How?Here at Kent Space we are always checking out the news to make sure that we can…

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