Can you afford to have an office?

While the Internet may have opened up a whole range of new opportunities for entrepreneurs, the more it becomes part of our everyday life, the more we, as individuals, become vulnerable to scammers and con merchants. As a consequence, it also becomes increasingly harder for legitimate businesses to be able to tick all the boxes necessary for prospective clients and customers to feel confident.

Rather than having to employ your own receptionist, all calls to your business can be answered professionally and appropriate messages passed on. Mail can be delivered for your office, or you can use our mail forwarding facility if you would prefer. If you need to have meetings with important clients, there is a conference room facility which can be used and, most important of all, there is some way to make a cup of tea or cup of coffee!One of the ways of counteracting this problem is to give your business a legitimate office address. Now before you begin to panic this needn’t be expensive and can have tremendous advantages, especially if you don’t need a prime London address, but instead one nearby in Ashford, Kent. However, before you start thinking we are talking about renting an address with a letterbox, or a virtual office, office rental in Ashford, Kent would be genuine office space, but without all the usual associated additional expenses, thus giving your business the greatest possible chance of success.

Now, while you are wondering how much it would cost to rent an office in Ashford we would ask you to think of a figure, then halve it, after which give us a call. We’re pretty confident that renting one of our offices will still be appreciably less than the second figure.